Study with Heather

Heather is a piano and organ teacher with a focus on healthy technique and creative expression. She teaches private and group lessons for all ages.

Private lessons

Heather is an experienced music teacher at the organ and piano. She believes in building goals with the student and supporting them in achieving those goals. She has taught in music school environments and most recently had her own studio in Newton, MA, with over 20 students.

Piano is a perfect study instrument, whether your goal is a broader music education, learning another instrument, or supporting your current musical endeavors. Because it is playable immediately but requires diligent attention to technique, it quickly attracts the beginner while holding their interest. The student has many choices regarding repertoire, style, and genre, making the piano a great instrument to have working knowledge of whatever your musical tastes may be.

The pipe organ is one of the most employable and unique instruments. Whether you’re an experienced pianist or vocalist who wishes to secure employment in churches or synagogues, or you are simply intrigued by the intricacies of stops, pistons, wind chests, and pedals, organ study is rewarding and fun. Lessons focus on proper pedal technique, adaptation to a variety of instruments, service playing and accompanying, and approaches to repertoire from different time periods.


In a heavily ‘left-brained’ culture, the challenge of learning to improvise is not “knowing what to do” but rather jumping into the unknown and allowing yourself to create. Through private or group instruction, Heather invites complete beginners and experienced keyboardists to let go of their inhibitions and start creating their own music on the spot. All lessons include some improvisation, depending on the needs, interests, and comfort level of the student.

Getting Started

Depending on the age, background, and interests of the student, group lessons may be a great option for starting out. Heather teaches Ready for Piano for 3-4 and 4-5 year olds, and Music and Movement for toddlers and preschoolers 18 months and older. To enroll in one or both of these classes, please see this link, and contact Heather. Many kids are ready to begin private lessons at 5, 6, or 7 years old. Heather herself started later than that; there are no hard or fast rules for this!

Interested private students should contact Heather to schedule an interview. During that time studio policies, goals, level, and fit will be discussed and assessed. Heather is committed to making music study accessible to as many as possible and is able to make some accommodations in commitment level, fees, and location of lessons.